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Human Hair or Synthetic Hair For your Gray Hair in Hair Replacement System?

When it comes to gray hair, there are some trends that we see most hair wearers follow. Systems for a large majority of our graying clients are ordered with human hair in the color of their choice but synthetic hair for the gray areas. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule, and this is no different! There are definitely times where we see human gray work better for some of our clients.


Synthetic Hair Can not be colored

One of the main reasons why synthetic hair is often chosen is the inevitable fading that a hair system goes through. When a system is ordered with a blend of gray and a darker color, that dark color will end up fading over time. If you color a unit that is made with synthetic hair back to its original shade, the synthetic gray will not be affected, only the darker human hair.

All gray = no need to recolor

Clients that have all gray, with no darker color throughout, may choose all human hair since they don't have to worry about coloring the entire system. Human gray will turn yellow over time, but there are many different gray hair shampoos and conditioners that will help remove yellow tones from the hair.

Tip: Human gray has more of a silver tone to it so be sure your growing hair has a similar silvery tone for a good match.

No time for fading

Along the same lines, some clients replace hair systems so frequently that they don't have the chance to notice fading. For example, clients using disposable units may opt for human gray because they are going to switch to a new unit within a month anyway.

If they are using the right products to care for their systems and add some UV protection , they may not notice the darker hair in the system fading. So, if you don't have to worry about coloring your hair, it is safe to use human gray since there is no chance of it being covered.

Hot ovens and heat styling

Styling may be one of the main factors why more number of people select using hair system made up of human gray strands. You need to keep in mind that synthetic is a material that is very much sensitive to heat and extreme temperatures. So the moment you are making use of heat equipments for styling your hair strands made up of synthetic material, then you have to take extra precautions. Even if you are working in front of over heated oven then it can tend to damage your hair strands.

So if you are used to working with eat equipments very often then it is best to try and select hair system made up of human hair. On synthetic hair systems you may not be able to make use of curl iron or hair dryer. It will simply melt the strands away.

Ultimately every person's hair order will be placed with different specifications, so you have to choose what may be a better option for you. Of course, we're happy to help walk you through the pros and cons to help you decide!

It is important for you to make the right selection of hair system depending on your specifications. Our experts are always willing to help you when making the right selection. This article will enable you to take the right decision between the human hair gray or synthetic hair gray hair system.

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