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Process To Duplicate Order For A Hair System Effectively

For any first time user, getting the hair system duplicated from us can lead to different types of queries. We will try and provide you with best information to ease the process. The process to get your hair system duplicated is not very much difficult.

In case you are already using a hair system manufactured by other company, then one of the easiest ways to look around for similar replacement is to sent us the one that you are comfortable wearing it. This will help in saving a lot of your time and money. We can calculate the exact measurement of the hair system you send us.

Getting started with filling in the form details

In case you want to get a system duplicated from us then you have to get started with filling out your details on the duplication form. You can get the form online on our website. We will be able to collect details elated to your and the hair system from the form. You will be forwarded with instructions and mailing label for forwarding the hair system for duplication.

On receiving the hair system we will try and contact you via web cam consultation or telephone call. In case you have any queries you can clarify with us at this time.

Once the process has been completed we shall get started with manufacturing process. The procedure to duplicate hair system will not be very much time consuming.

Forward us one that is best fit for your size

The moment you want to get a hair system duplicated you need to keep a few things in mind.

1 the hair system that you will forward us will be used by our professionals for manufacturing your new hair system. This means that we will follow same guidelines for base design, hair color and frontal hair line, till you ask us for a change. As we are going to follow with exactly same measurements so it is ideal that you send us one that fits you perfectly.

2 You have to keep in mind that you are allowed to make any necessary changes to the density, hair color or base of the hair system. There are chances that you could have been using the same hair system for a number of years in the past, so some of the hair strands might have been lost already. Apart from this the hair color also might have faded.  You can also try and alter the hair base. Our team of experts can help you make the best selection catering all your needs.

3 you also need to keep in mind that al types of hair systems cannot be duplicated. In case the hair system is damaged then it may not be possible to duplicate it. When sending us the hair system ensure that it is not damaged. You can also forward us the exact contour measurement of your scalp area.

In case your hair system cant be duplicated?

In case your old hair system is such damaged that it can’t be used any more for the purpose of duplication then it is advisable to opt for a new hair system. You can take full benefit of our refundable offers fitting kit.

You also get an option to send mold or a customized template and hair sample. In order to prepare the mold for the area that needs hair system is not a difficult task. You may have to provide us with desired set of information.

Along with the above mentioned fitting kit, mould and sample, you are also requested to forward us with your latest photos of the scalp area. This will offer us with exact density that is required for your hair system.

The moment you order with us we will try and simplify the process as much as possible for you. You can get in touch with all resources available on our website along with getting in touch with our expert team.

In case you are just not sure then you are free to reach us on the phone. You can also visit our online community to get answers to your queries.

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