The differences between lace and skin base systems



This article will tell you the difference between the two types of mesh bottoms and how to perform daily cleaning, hopefully it will help you choose the right one for you. If you need more specific understanding can come to our website www.hairbro.com, there are professionals to solve your questions and answers.


Lace base hair system


Lace base is especially soft and lightweight . It is breathable. So you will not feel uncomfortable. It provides an ideal solution to hide baldness. At an equivalent time, you are doing not need to hand over a lively lifestyle. you'll wear it all the time while working or exercising.


Besides, the design it offers is extremely natural and undetectable. There are Swiss and French, the foremost common two hair systems. Swiss one is even softer. However, the typical lace base hair replacement though finely made isn't as durable as a skinny skin hair system.


To satisfy the delicacy, certain durability is compromised. Therefore, nowadays, many toupees will combine lace and other materials to enhance their longevity and enhance their performance.


The hairpieces of a lace system are generally stitched to the bottom by human hands. The carefully-made process means the worth of a lace system won't be cheap.


Poly base hair system


The thin poly baseor what is called skin base is formed of a mix of various compounds and polyethylene, which may be a mixture of plastic and silicon and is comparatively easy to use.


The biggest advantage of thin poly wigs is that they're light and natural, and since of their similarity to the skin, you'll not be ready to notice the very fact that you simply are wearing men's hairpieces albeit you touch them together with your hands, the effect is basically realistic! However, because the skinny poly base is formed of very fine materials, the resulting mesh base is going to be very thin and fragile and wishes to be handled carefully and elegantly, otherwise, they will easily be torn or worn crooked.


Poly base toupees are not as breathable as lace mesh, but they fit the skin better and are available in several thicknesses. Generally speaking, the thicker the mesh base, the longer it stays





Tips on cleaning the lace and poly hair systems

.How to clean lace base

  1. The solvent soak is one of the most popular cleaning methods for lace bases. Lace material is so delicate that you should be careful not to soak it too long, no matter which solvent you are using. If the lace base is placed in the solvent, it can cause the knots to swell, which will lead to premature shedding. Additionally, you also need to be careful not to use too many solvents. The solvent which submerges the underside of the base is enough. Too much solvent will lead to the tangled and matted hair.


  1. When it comes to removing the adhesive residues on the lace bases, you need to use as little tension/pressure on the base as possible. If you put too much tension on the base when scraping off the adhesive residue, you will risk causing the system to fray too quickly or you could end up tearing the hair system.



  1. With a lace base, it is really essential to remove the system before the bond had completely broken down. As it breaks down, it gets gooey and tends to work its way up through the lace and into the hair which makes a complete mess to clean up.


  1. When rinsing a lace system, it is very important that you rinse the system with the underneath side of the base facing up, meaning that the water is hitting the lace first and running down through the lace onto the hair. This will prevent the hair from irreversibly pulling back through the base.




Ⅱ.How to clean poly base

  1. Poly/skin base is much easier to clean up than lace base. Most people who use poly/skin base for extended wear will use red liner tape on the poly before placing the stronger tape or adhesive. Although this does not affect the hold in any way, it does make the cleanup much easier.


  1. When people use red liner tape(link to )which will only adhere to poly, they just need to gently peel it off of the base along with the tape or glue on top of it. There will be very minimal adhesive residue, if any, left on the base for cleaning. (Red liner tape cannot be used with lace bases.




All in all, lace vs poly hair system, now you see the differences. Based on these differences, the ways of cleaning them also vary. No matter which type of hair system you buy, follow the suggestions we have offered above, we believe you can solve problems with ease. Hope this article can be useful to you.

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