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This is my first try in hair replacement system and I chose to start from hairbro. I fill all the information they need from me,and around 6 weeks later, I got the system. Another reason why i choose hairbro to start because they answered all the questions i have, look back to my Gmail inbox, there is total 35 comein reply email from their great servcie team! it was impressive as no other hair company or factory in this field provided that much insight into their products, services and makeover sessions.

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I am so suprised at how good the hair systems quality is. I absolutely love it. I would like to order another one to have a spare. I was really wonder but after checked your no ask money back guarantee policy, I tried to order one piece Thanks so very much for helping me out. I was so self conscious about my thinning spot that I wore hats all the time. I feel much much better about my appearance now.

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skin hair system

Made from thin polyurethane, Skin Hair Replacement Systems offer the most realistic natural hairline. We have more than 10 style stock and custom made skin hair system — the newest and most innovative skin on the market