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Base size is the size of the cap of a hair system. We roughly divide them into four kinds:

-Partial size:hair loss areas <= 4” x 4”.

-Regular size:hair loss areas with size between 4”x 4” ~ 10”x 8” (or within 80 square inches of total area).

-Oversize (or larger size):hair loss areas with size between 10” x 8” ~ 10” x 10”.

-Full cap:hair loss areas > 10” x 10”.

Partial size:

Cover hair loss areas equal or are smaller than 4” x 4”. At the beginning of hair loss, many clients only experience hair loss in isolated areas.For example, the crown area or front hairline just as shown in the picture below.

In these kind of situations, a partial (smaller) system would be the perfect choice as the partial system could fit the smaller hair loss area and blend with the clients’ existing hair.

Sending in a spare system or template would be very helpful for us to make you a customized system. Coz we can examine the size,pattern, scalp curvature of your bald area and everything related so that we can follow these details exactly to make you the most fitted system.

If you are unable to send us a spare system or a template, then pleasecarefully take the measurements of both the base length and width. And please be kindly noted that we will make your system base on a regular scalp curvature.

If you are planning to send us a template, please mark your hair direction with a permanent marker before shipping. It is of great importance. Only by doing so can we make you the system with the

correct hair direction.

Regular size:

Hair loss area with a size larger than 4”x4” and up to 10”x8”.

This type is most suited for men with traditional male pattern baldness.

This type of cap can cover the hair loss area from the front hairline to the crown as shown in the picture below.

Please send us a template (or your old system) or you can select the exact measurements of your system base.

Over size( large size or 3/4 cap):

Hair loss area larger than 10” x 8” and up to 10” x 10”.

This type of cap is designed to cover the head from the front hair line to the back of head. A Cap neither has a temple (side burn) area nor a nape area. The hair loss area extends further down the side and the back of the head. Please make a reference to the picture below:

Again, please send us a template (or your old system) or you can select the exact measurements of your system base and send to us.

Full cap

The cap size islarger than 10”x10”. Full cap hair systems are the most perfect choice for the women and men who have complete hair loss.( It is also the best choice for chemotherapy patients who are suffering severe hair loss) . These full cap hair systems are made to cover your whole head and sometimes can even include side burns and nape areas.

How to measure?

Please carefully follow the instructions below:

Measure a full cap:

1. Circumference:

This measures the length around your head.

Start at the center of the front hairline, place the tape flat against your head, go above the ear towards the back of the head, keep the tape at the nape of your neck and go around to the opposite side of your head, just above the opposite ear and return to the center of the front hairline.

2. Front to back

Place the tape at the center of the front hairline, measure directly across the middle top of your head to the nape of your neck.

3. Ear to earacross fore head:

Place the tape at your temple, just in front of your ear, measure from hairline at the base of your sideburn, go up across the hair line along your forehead to the same point in front of the opposite ear.

4. Temple to temple over the top of head (i.e., Sideburn to sideburn):

Place the tape at the bottom edge of the sideburn in front of your ear and go directly across the top of head to the bottom edge of the opposite sideburn.

5. Ear to ear over top of head

Place the tape from hairline edge at the top of your ear and go directly across the top of yourhead to the hairline edge at the top of the opposite ear.

6. Temple to temple across back of head

Place the tape against your head at the front edge of the hairline (temple area), go around the head above the occipital bone to the opposite front edge of the hairline (the opposite temple area).

7. Nape width

This measures the width of hairline across the nape of the neck. Place the tape at the lowest point on the bone behind your ear (mastoid bone) and measure across the neck to the opposite mastoid bone.

Full Cap Wig Measurements Form

Useful tips for taking correct measurements:

1 Use cloth measuring tape

2 Measure holding the tape snug, but not tight against the head

3 Keep tape flat against your head and do not allow kinks and twists to develop in the tape

4 Take the measurements at least 3 times with the same tape to ensure accuracy. Consistent measurements are an indication that you are measuring correctly. If you do not measure properly, your hair system may not fit.

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