Hair loss treatment

It is not possible to prevent your hair from falling as you get older. There are treatments that you can use to slow down the hair loss process. If your hair loss is stressing you up, there is something you can do about it. Here are some treatment methods you can use for your hair loss.

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Medication treatment

There are two medications that have been approved by the food and drug administration (FDA).


The brand name of the drug is Rogaine. It is a drug you can get over the counter and comes in the form of a liquid or foam. It is applied twice a day to prevent hair loss. You need to apply on the crown of your scalp. You have o keep using it because if you stop along the way you go back to square one. Some of the side effects include skin and scalp irritation.


Finasteride’s brand name is Propecia and has been in existence since 1997. It is a pill that you have to take daily and is prescribed by the doctor. The drug treats hair loss on the middle part and the crown and even other parts of the body. It works by blocking the DHT hormones by 70%. As a result, it slows down the shortening of hair.

You have to take it consistently to see its impact. When using finasteride for hair loss, you will begin to see the results within three months. However, if you stop using it, you all your efforts will be gone. You can only get it from your doctor but make sure you ask about the side effects before you start using it. Some of the side effects are impotence and depression.

Both drugs take up to one year for the results to be visible. You need to continue taking them to maintain their benefits.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery the scalp has to be cleaned before the surgery is done. Hair transplant is down under local anaesthesia. There are two hair transplants you can choose to treat your hair loss problem.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

The FUT method involves removing the skin on the back of the scalp where there is plenty of hair. The hair is then reinserted into the hair follicles on the area where there is no hair.


You will be left with a scar that is tucked and cannot be seen after the procedure. The surgeon cuts a strip of about 6 to 10 inches at the back of the head. The hairs that have been removed are inserted into the bald areas. You may get few or plenty of grafts that include size of transplant areas, hair color, type of hair and quality of hair.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

The FUE involves removing the hair follicles on the scalp and then transplant them into the bald areas. The follicles are removed from the back of your head. There are risks which you get when you go for the surgery. Some of the side effects are scarring and infections. You also have to undergo several sessions to get the required results.

The surgeon has to use tiny holes where the transplant is to be done. The FUE treatment requires thousands of hairs to be transplanted. The area is covered with graft, gauze and bandages. You will keep the bandages for some days. Hair transplant takes four hours or more. You will have the stitches removed after about 10 days. One session is not enough for the procedure; you will need to go for about three of four. You will go for the session’s months apart to allow the transplant to heal.

Light and laser therapy

Laser therapy is also another way to reduce the inflammation that prevents the hair follicles from regrowing. It is a safe method used to treat male hair loss. In light therapy, the photons are irradiating onto the scalp. It helps increase the circulation on the scalp. The photons work by stimulating the circulation on the scalp. Thus, it helps with hair growth.

Proper blood low can with the hair growth and reverse the hair shrinkage problem. You have to do the treatments several times in a week to get results. However, with time you will require less treatment. The procedure is very expensive. You will end up spending thousands of dollars on laser therapy. There is still not enough research to show the effectiveness of laser therapy in treating hair loss.


There are numerous reasons why you should consider doing the laser therapy. These include:

● It is painless

● It is non-invasive

● Increases hair strength

● No side effects

Here are some of the negatives of the laser therapy.

● Time consuming: You need to go for several sessions to see results using laser therapy. It may go for months.

● It is expensive: laser treatments cost thousands of dollars in a year.

● Less effective: if you are in the advanced stages of hair loss, you may not get the best results using laser treatments

● Interacts with some medications: if you are taking medications that are photosensitizing, you should not do the laser therapy

● Long term effectiveness has not been established: the long term safety of the laser therapy has not established yet. The laser devices are under the category of medical devices. Thus they do not go through the same level of scrutiny as medicines before getting approved.


Hair replacement System

Hair loss no matter what age you are can be very stressful. You can use hair replacement system to deal with the hair loss. Hair replacement system is a non-surgical treatment that you can use to change that your appearance immediately.

The hair loss treatment method is affordable and safe. Hair replacement is also known as hair prosthesis. It is suitable for people whose hair loss is caused by medical conditions like alopecia and chemotherapy. You can get a hair piece made according to your requirements. You can have one made to over only the affected area or for a full head. You can wear it just like a wig and it is not easy to differentiate between the two. However, the prosthesis is attached using special adhesives.

The hair replacement systems are available in three different types. You can buy the skin hair replacement, mono hair replacement or the lace hair replacement. The mono hair piece is durable than the other two. With a hair replacement, you can have affordable hair that last longer.

It is excellent if you want to go for an important occasion. You can buy a hairpiece in any length, color and texture. You do not have anything to worry about when wearing your hair piece. It will not fall off even when you are swimming or exercising. There are advantages and disadvantages of using hair replacement systems.


The advantages of using hair piece for hair loss include:

● It is non-invasive: there is no surgery when you use the hair replacement system. Thus, you do not have to wait for any recovery time or deal with side effects. All you have to do is choose the appropriate hair piece and place it in the bald area.

● No side effects: You do not deal with any side effects with hair prosthesis. However, if you make the mistake of using low quality adhesive then you may encounter some allergic reaction.

● Immediate results: hair prosthesis gives you immediate results. The process is quicker because all you have to do is just buy the hair pieces and have it glued on to the hair loss areas. You see results immediately.

● it is reversible: If you choose a hair piece buy you do not like it, you can change it. You can also try different styles until you get the one that suits you.

● It is affordable: using hair replacement system is cost effective. You do not have to spend a fortune like you would in hair transplant.

● It is light weight: the hair pieces are comfortable and lightweight. You can wear your hair prosthesis when you are going to the gym, doing some yard work and going swimming.

● The hair piece is used for any kind of baldness: no matter the area where you have the hair loss, the hair piece will come in handy. You can have it custom made to suit the kind of baldness you have.

● It is long lasting

● It is convenient: when you wear the hairpiece, you can do all kind of activities. You can bathe, swim or sleep while wearing it.


● Timely maintenance: one of the negatives of the hair piece is that you have to maintain it periodically. Maintenance means you apply oil everyday, and wash it regularly. By maintaining it as required, you will prolong its lifespan.

● Repeat buying: you cannot remain with one hairpiece forever. They get worn out and you have to buy new ones. You can stay with the hair piece for 3 to 5 months.

● High quality models are expensive

More healthy life habit

There are lifestyle changes that you have to follow to treat hair loss.

Quit smoking:If you smoke, then you know how it negatively affects you lungs. Smoking could also lead to hair loss. It can also lead to premature greying of hair and facial wrinkles. If you want to prevent hair loss, then you should quit smoking.

Scalp massage:Massages are important because it can help with the loss problem. Massaging stimulates your hair follicles. Receiving just 4 minutes of scalp massage every day gives you thicker hair.

Balanced diet:The food you eat is very important to help with your hair loss. Eating healthy food will keep your hair in go shape. Eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, lean proteins and unsaturated fats. You should reduce your intake of sweets. There are some vitamins and minerals that are good for your hair. Some of the foods that you must in your diet includes:

  • 1.Iron rich foods: beans, lean beef, green leafy vegetable, eggs and iron fortified grains
  • 2.Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids: foods like tuna, salmon, flax seeds, mackerel, walnuts, hemp seeds and egg yolks
  • 3.High protein foods: such food include seafood, lean meats and eggs
  • 4.You also take plenty of water to help with your hair loss.

● Reduce stress: Stress can negatively affect your health and even your hair. Having a stressful lifestyle will lead to hair loss. Some of the ways you can use to reduce stress include:

  • 1.Exercise regularly
  • 2.Doing yoga
  • 3.Listening to music
  • 4.Mediation
  • 5.Get enough sleep

Alternative remedies

● Oils: There are oils that can help with the hair loss problem. One such oil is peppermint which can help with hair growth. Rosemary oil is also good sic it increase blood circulation to the scalp. Coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil are also good options.

● Onion juice: Use of onion juice is great for your hair. Applying it topically results in re-growth.

● Green tea: Green tea is a herbal remedy used in treating hair loss.


There are also supplements you can in treating hair loss. These supplements include:

● Saw palmetto: Saw palmetto is used in treating an enlarged prostate. Even though there is limited research on its ability to treat hair loss, there are positive results when it is used to treat hair loss. It works by reducing the DHT levels.

● Biotin: The supplement also helps with the hair loss. Biotin is a type of vitamin and is found in foods like:

  • 1.Oatsy
  • 2.Eggs
  • 3.Sweet potatoes
  • 4.Nuts
  • 5.Onions

Scalp pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation works by changing the scalp pigment. It is mainly a cosmetic procedure. It is like tattooing small dots on the hair to make it look like you have hair. The procedure will cost you about $1000 to $4000 depending on the number of dots.


The hair treatment that you should take depends solely on you. It is advisable to consult your doctor before going for nay hair loss treatment. You need to weigh the side effects of each treatment method before you make a decision.