Why Choosing Hairpieces Instead of Getting Hair Transplant


What Should You Know before Selecting a Suitable Hairpiece

Purchasing a hairpiece interestingly will positively cause you to feel hard to pick, that is on the grounds that there are many subtleties you have not considered set up. The substance down underneath will offer you the responses, to know can enter our site to counsel.


1.Do YOU exercise frequently ?

Yes!--We recommend a more breathable base, such as lace with poly around, which is friendly to the beginner, and it can last 5-8 months

No!--We have durable skin base for your reference, it is thicker and can last longer than the thin ones.



2.Do YOU have slick skin

The vast majority haven't needed to influence an issue like this since they were young people, however it truly matters. Oil can influence the length and strength of your bond, so you might want to make sure to choose a hearty fluid glue which will work skin base to offer you a uniform and dependable bond



3.Glue,tape, or cuts?

For poly frameworks, we recommend stick, it can spread uniformly and straight on the base, it can likewise fit the scalp well indeed. Sensi-tape is another decision which can be eliminated more effectively than different tapes.

For ribbon frameworks we suggest tape, on the grounds that the base is more similar to a thick net, the paste will infiltrate into hair, it will trouble your tidy up endeavors.

Assuming that you actually have a lot of hair around, you can attempt to utilize cuts, we have numerous choices for you to pick, you can trim off the clasps effectively in the event that they don't function admirably.




4.Period of glue substitution

This typically relies upon the tape you are utilizing, we suggest transforming it once like clockwork, as the tape will disintegrate over the long run and will be hard to clean. Be that as it may, this doesn't mean change the tape regularly, particularly the flimsy lower part of the net items, incessant substitution might prompt the lower part of the net broken or have balding.


5.What would it be a good idea for you to take to make it live longer?

In the event that you're relying on proficient for the entirety of your support, or perhaps just for connection and evacuation, perhaps you'll escape with a more fragile base material. Assuming you propose to require care of everything yourself, you'll require a more grounded material which will postpone under your ham-fisted endeavors to stress for it.


The following sheet is the lifespan of the toupees for your reference

0.03 mm thin skin hair systems 

1- 2 months

0.05 mm thin skin hair systems

2 - 4 months

0.10 mm thin skin hair systems

4 - 6 months  

0.15 mm thin skin hair systems

5 - 8 months

Swiss lace hair system

5 - 7 months

French lace hair system

6 - 9 months

mono hair system

7-12 months


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